I wanna hold your hand.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How do you know when too much, is really too much? When does it become borderline obsessive, beyond silly and moving in to hoarder boundaries? Everybody likes to collect something, be that expensive heels you'll never wear, endless bottles of perfumes or enough cocktail rings for both you and your the entire street to wear. But when does it become silly? Alike most bloggers or readers, we obviously share a crippling interest in beauty, fashion and all things materialistic - and i don't know about you, but i don't think twice about spending all my hard earned pennies in a Saturday lunch break in Toppers or splurging on the latest mascara that has whipped up a storm in the blogging world.

But more recently i've found my spending on beauty becoming rather undignified. After all, i only have one face, do i really need the (gulp!) twenty-something blushers? Why do i keep buying eyeshadow when i'm practically an eyeshadow virgin? And even so, why do i keep bloody buying the same shades i already own in my sodding Naked palette? Please tell me i'm not alone here. Because really it all boils down to the fact i'm just beauty obsessed, plain and simple. Not only is the world of beauty - i dare say, cringy - a hobby of mine, but i honestly i've known for quite some time that beauty is a path i want to follow into my career. So i'm afraid, despite my mothers confused state and the boys looks of 'eh? more?' i've decided to do as they say and shop my stash, use and abuse the products i've lusted over and bought, not add and buy more to sit there waiting patiently to be used. I think its time to appreciate what i have and not jump on the latest bandwagon. And to keep temptation aside i will get my monthly fix from the likes of Glossy Box and Budoir Prive.

Tell me i'm not alone here? Is the blogging creating the need and longing for must-have items that we all have to rush out and buy? A little note to add, i have bought three sneaky beauty items before i start my 'no Sarah no!' spending ban, alas all will be revealed. 

All storage Muji. If you want better photos do tell.