Just touched down in London Town.

Friday, August 12, 2011
I have returned from my two week escape to the paradise that is sandy beaches, many rum cocktails and the overwhelming culture that is Cuba, to a rather dull miserable English Friday - such is reality. Alas, i had an amazing time, spending most days in the clear ocean with quick trip to the capital Havana, photos to follow shortly i promise. As i finally touched down and logged back on to the world wide web, i saw the following images published online of Kate Moss's wedding shot by the one, the only Mario Testino for Vogue US September issue and i HAD to publish them.


I may not be her biggest fan, but no one can deny how bloody beautiful she looks and how simply stunning these photos are. And you gotta hand it to the girl, forget the waggish Hello! spread - she's only bloody landed the best spot of the lot, the infamous US Vogue September Issue - crikey! I'm somewhat surprised, yet delighted of course, that we should be able to feast our eyes on the models private life, she hardly gives interviews and is notorious for being pretty much tight lipped - every journos worst nightmare. But still, after swooning over these images i know who i'll be calling on to take my wedding photos..

Dame Viv looks bloomin' amazing in that last photo- it has to be said!