On a day like this.

Thursday, August 25, 2011
A couple of worthy mentions i have stumbled upon that i thought i would share..

My beautiful best friend Sarah has only been bloody shortlisted in the top twenty Look magazine blogging competition! Cue major fangirl screaming, i'm so freaking excited, let alone her! I'm sure any bff would say so, but Sarah really does deserve this opportunity, not only does she know more about the fashion and style world that i ever will, she's a banging writer (she spell-checked my entire dissertation!) and she's one of my personal style inspirations. Her blog covers everything stylish, from the latest high-fashion editorials to her weekly Monday Musts, she also posts amazing theatre reviews and photographs her own scrummy cupcakes. You have to check Sarah's blimin' brilliant entry that bagged her the final 20 spot, her poem (or as i like to think rap) was really creative and sums up her crazy talent for writing. Fingers crossed!

Last week when i arrived to work, my manager and i had near meltdown when she informed me that she had received an email from Liz Earle, stating within a small print that there were going to price increases across all LE products. I swiftly emailed Liz Earle's wonderful customer service team, to which they replied that from September the 1st 2011 they will be increasing prices ever so slightly, to fall inline with inflation and VAT increases of which most high-street retailers put in place earlier in the year. This doesn't surprise me - however i'm glad that Liz Earle were keen to answer my question in a polite helpful manner, even suggesting me to stock up!

So i hastily added two shampoos and conditioners to my basket.

This weeks Grazia magazine offers readers a 20% voucher at New Look, perfect timing with all the lovely a/w ranges appearing in store! Its dated from the 23rd-29th August, and the offer can be used online with the code: 20GRAZ at the checkout between the 26th-28th. I eagerly snapped one up yesterday and frogmarched straight in-store to pick up some pieces (watch this space), i then went to Tescos and spotted the pull out voucher lying on the floor, ahem, so no doubt i'll be going back in again!

With September fast approaching, that can only mean Vogues Fashions Night Out is upon us again! As the excitement builds and plans are being put in place for the mammoth shopping extravaganza and fashion celebration, i am currently compiling a must-have-go-to guide for this year which takes place on 8th, where the celebs/designers will be and not forgetting the goodie bags! Watch this space, again.

Will you be bulk ordering Liz Earle or attending FNO, let me know!