You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Last Sunday, i ventured into Croydon in a last bid mission to make the use of my Nus card - as the graduate card doesn't offer any kind of bloody clothing discount, meh. I picked up a few key a/w pieces already, egged on by mother who said 'you'll only be stropping when you can find them in a month's time!' I may be a fully grown adult, but mothers are always, painfully right. So i whipped out my debit card and put an end to any 'stropping', i love a good excuse.

Belted Floral Dress - New Look (£29.99)

With my 20% discount voucher from Grazia i decided on a mass splurge in New Look. They a/w pieces are bloody impressive, and i find myself lusting over must-have items, unlike my local Topshop which looks basically bare. This wine floral print dress is perfect with black tights for winter, the cut is very flattering, which you can't really tell here, but the belt does wonders.

Cable Knit Cardigan - Primark (£14.00)

I rarely shop in Primark, mainly because most of it is crap and i can't be faffed to find the amazing gems we are all sucked into in their latest ad campaigns/look books. However, upon spotting this thick cardi i snapped up two, one in cream (above) and a dark camel shade. They are lovely and warm, the right length, not to mention the vintage regal golden buttons are the perfect final touch. I reckon these will sell like hotcakes!

Dark Red Paperbag Skirt - New Look (£24.99)

I already bought this skirt in pale pink over the summer, but as soon as i clapped eyes on this dark red version i had to have it. Worn with tan brogues and a sharp blazer/snuggly cardi.

Belted Chinos - New Look (£24.99)

Is it to early to whip out the black tights? Its far to late to go bare-legged? Leggings, no thank you. Chinos have been my seasonal change over holy grail item of clothing, i even own four pairs! This dark red wine shade is my wardrobes answer to the colour blocking trend, without being 'too out there.' I think they are rather statement for a neutral loving girl, looking polished and on trend. The navy pair found their way home with me too.. perfect interview attire! 

Navy Faux Fur Coat - Topshop (£75.00)

Yes i bought a coat, in August. Talk about being early to the party. However, i was thinking economically with discount and all, plus i do really love it. Navy & fur, yes please! I have already accumulated quite a few long woollen coats over the past few years, including my trusty pillar box red duffle, so its rather nice to have a short-ish coat. 

More of the Primark cardigans - such a steal.

Whilst i was rummaging i couldn't pass up the very girly floral printed pjs in Primark, each piece for a fiver, Cath Kidston eat you heart out. I can report back that they are certainly very toasty and soft indeed. LOVE.

On that note, i'm going to stuff my much loved but not worn summer clothes in to one of these babies i bought today in Ikea. I feel like i deserve another holiday to justify the amount of clothes i er bought for my two weeks in Cuba - it was practically LFW every breakfast and dinner sporting a new outfit. Atleast  i'll be prepared for next year, wink wink. Have you picked up any bits for a/w yet?